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A few of the people who know my work, speaking in their own words...

"It feels impossible to express the gratitude we feel and the magnitude of the gift you offered us in mom's passing. Words are so small and the feeling is so expansive in the language of the heart. Your gracious willingness to make yourself available to us in that moment was such a blessing. Your loving heart, and deep wisdom are a profound gift."

— JK

"Soul Retrieval is one of those inexplicable healing processes that is extremely effective in an almost spiritually mysterious way. Inevitably, I found the experience to be highly integrative as it has consistently helped me to tie together a number of disparate threads in my life. I highly recommend it."

— Greg Schwartz, M.S.W., Ph.D.

"I have known Rachel Leah and her work for over twenty years. Her gifts have supported my own transformation. I suggested to a family who had a loved one struggling to die for three weeks, that they contact Rachel. From her home, she coached the family over the phone and inwardly connected with the transitioning loved one. Within a few hours the gentle release was complete. I highly recommend Rachel Leah to anyone who needs assistance in the process of dying or who would like to understand that process."

— Deb Melitus, Dover, NH

"Rachel played a very significant role in my parents' final years as caregiver, great friend/confidante and spiritual guide. She helped to give them the gift of living out their final years in the home they so loved, and in the end, to accept with equanimity and grace their passage from this world."

— Lucy Tuttle, Dover, NH

"Few of us are fortunate enough in life to know one or two exceptional people. Sometimes we are extremely fortunate and get to know an exceptional person among the exceptional people. Even rarer we meet someone who is not only exceptional but also engages our minds and challenges our perception of what is possible. Rachel is that person for me. I was very upset about my dog, Freija, passing. Shortly after her death, following a meditation, I was left with an overwhelming feeling that Freija was confused about what she should do. I felt her presence with me and I told her to go see Rachel. Although Freija and Rachel had never met or even knew of each other, I just assumed that in the spirit world she would know who Rachel was and she could just follow my thoughts. I called Rachel to let her know what had happened and that if she saw a strange dog it was probably my dog, Freija. My phone call was answered with compassion, understanding and empathy. Rachel then described Freija’s personality and physical form perfectly and then told me she was right there with her. She told me things that only Freija and I shared. She also told me what Freija needed help with and what my role was to be in helping her. There was no uncertainty in her words. Rachel patiently guided me through what needed to be done. I found the bridge for Freija to cross and as she reluctantly walked away; she got to the halfway point and started to run. As I watched her run away, my heart felt lighter and I actually felt good about Freija’s journey, at peace. It is what many people call closure. I felt relief."

— Steven Scaturro

"I've referred many clients to work with Rachel, and have found her work to be profoundly helpful and transformative. Soul Retrieval is very efficient and works well in conjunction with therapy, much like EMDR, group therapy, hypnosis, Outward Bound, etc."

— Maddi Wallach, M.A. in Counseling Psychology

"Rachel does incredible work and offers much insight."

— Pamela Sollenberger, M.S., Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator

"I feel I am creating my life, for the first time, and without fear."

— Sally Merryman, Seamstress

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"This is an addition to the previous review by two of us. As I read Rachel Leah’s book, I began to have personal experiences that helped me better understand myself and elements of Life. She directly expresses her ideas with various expansions and spiritual connections deeply embedded in the words we hear so often. In this book, she brings to light areas of moving into a new consciousness, of Soul, some of the impediments for a person who is ready to make a transition into Death, and how there are people who can see ways to help free a loved one. Safnah recounts other understandings of Life and Death. Areas of ideas are opened up and left for the reader to further expand and personalize. There are the people who have been a part of Rachel Leah’s life that she introduces us to, and gives vignettes about the different ways she interacted with them or was able to see them in another dimension. I look forward to my next encounter with Safnah, as I know my personal growth will move further along."
      - BarryO