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Rachel Leah, SAFNAH practitioner
Rachel Leah

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"It feels impossible to express the gratitude we feel and the magnitude of the gift you offered us in mom's passing. Words are so small and the feeling is so expansive in the language of the heart. Your gracious willingness to make yourself available to us in that moment was such a blessing. Your loving heart, and deep wisdom are a profound gift." -JK

Centering offers a way to gain insight into the self as a conscious expression of Soul by supporting a person to live with greater joy, creativity, and spiritual connectedness within themselves and the world. Through Journeying, Soul Retrieval, and teaching her work as a SAFNAH, Rachel Leah supports the conscious transition through and from this life into the next.


From an early age, Rachel Leah experienced what is culturally seen as impossible–communicating with the spirits of departed people and assisting them to move beyond the physical plane. Experiences and inner guidance led her to discover and nurture the many aspects of her abilities. Centering and SAFNAH were created as a way to bring these abilities to individuals.

After raising two children as a single mother and exploring Native American culture, meditation, and contemplation, Rachel discovered that she had been a Journeyer all her life. She began her public service in Soul recognition, energy work, and end of life transition work in the 1980s. Rachel gradually moved from traditional forms of this work to a more direct method of perception that allows her to be anywhere she is needed without the encumbrance of physical distance.


Centering is offered as Soul Retrieval and Journey work. For more information on this, please see my Centering and Transitioning page.

SAFNAH means both death-birth threshold and birth-death threshold. It teaches and supports those who are ready to move their awareness consciously from their physical body to the life beyond. For more on SAFNAH, please see my Centering and Transitioning page.

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Bridging Here and Hereafter
"Rachel shares her journey to embrace the gift of her ability to connect with and help others move to the “other side”. It is courageously honest. Her writing style makes this book very easy to read and comforting for those who wonder about this transition we will all one day experience. I think of her as a midwife to the “life beyond” sharing her experience and wisdom."
      - Graceful