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Soul Retrievals

We can move through life feeling that something is missing, experiencing a painful emptiness and loneliness inside that cannot be filled. A traumatic experience, or simply not expressing who we are through our voice and actions, can create Soul loss. That aspect of unactualized, unrealized consciousness or traumatic loss can split off and retreat to a safer place, temporarily protecting us from feeling the pain and anguish of the experience. When an aspect of the emotional, mental, or spiritual expression associated with the experience breaks off, it may stay locked within that time, leaving us feeling disconnected, depressed, and searching for ways to fill the void.

Soul Retrieval is a guided process that connects the separated energy and consciousness, and gives back to the individual the gift of liberated awareness. Rachel uses the analogy of consciousness as being a note on a piano; when an aspect of that conscious that split off returns, it is a second note. Together a whole new sound is created. The vibratory rate of the individual is elevated; there is a greater perspective. While the process is simple, the effects are profound. Fear, pain, guilt, and repetitive experiences are replaced by faith, trust, joy, and freedom. Problem-solving becomes a journey of self-discovery keys that can unlock the doors to Soul.

Soul Retrieval can be accomplished at a distance or in person. A session lasts approximately two hours. The cost is $250.

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